IMPA: 812473


Tape anti-corrosive 150mmx10mtr__

For IMPA code 812473 with official discription 812473-TAPE ANTI-CORROSIVE, 150MMX10MTR we supply code our item description which is sold per roll and weights 0.5.

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Product specification

<p>Uses: For protection against corrosion and the water-proofing of pipes, flanges and valves for marine use. Compound: A neutral compound based on saturated petroleum hydro carbons (petrolatum) with inert fillers. Fabric: Fabric carrier free from chemical impurities, fully impregnated and coated on both sides. Characteristics: Unalterable in composition and plasticity over a wide range of temperatures. Slight superficial oxidation occurs in atmospheric application and renders the surface less tacky. Has a very high degree of impermeability to water. Won?t crack or harden. Unaffected by vibration and highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis and salt. Basically no VOC?s (Volatile Organic Compounds) contains so it is friendly to the environment.</p>