IMPA: 794398



For IMPA code 794398 with official discription 794398-CABLE HEATING SELF-LIMITING, AUTO-TRACE 3BTV2-CR 220V 9W/M we supply code our item description which is sold per MTR and weights .

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Product specification

<p>Auto-Trace is the electrical parallel circuit heat-tracing system. This unique technology enables the heater to vary its power output in response to sensed temperature at every point along its entire circuit. As the temperature increases, Auto-Trace automatically decreases its heat output, and vice versa. In this way, the heater continually compensates for temperature fluctuations that can lead to system failure with conventional heat tracing methods. Has the following system features: 1. Full range of heaters for a variety of applications. 2. Complete selection of component and control system. 3. Parallel circuitry for cut-to-length convenience at the jobsite. 4. Flexibility for easy field installation. 5. Self-regulation protects against over-heating at any wattage, even when the heater is overlapped. These circuit heaters are sold by meter, various spare parts are available as extra accessories. For further information, please write for or ask your LIMANi for catalogues.</p>