IMPA: 371008


Nautical triangle 300mm__

For IMPA code 371008 with official discription 371008-TRIANGLE NAUTICAL KENT-TYPE, 300MM we supply code our item description which is sold per pce and weights 0.1.

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Product specification

<p>?Inoue? and ?Kent? types are available. 1. Inoue Type: Nautical Triangles, a position finder for the navigator, consisting of a danger-angle triangle (A) and a protractor triangle (B) made of transparent plastic, 36 cm. 2. Kent Type: Two 45o triangles provide an easy method for plotting position and course and doing other chart work. Using protractor scales, the triangle is easily aligned in any direction with a chart meridian. Direction is maintained as one triangle is slid along the other to the desired position. Durable, clear, vinylite. Long side length 30 cm.</p>