IMPA: 311101


Wide view safety goggles, UV resistant__

For IMPA code 311101 with official discription 311101-GOGGLE ULTRASONIC UVEX 9302, ORANGE FRAME we supply code our item description which is sold per pce and weights 0.1.

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Product specification

<p>Ultrasonic goggle shaped ergonomically design with a super panoramic lens, soft face and nose pads, a clever ventilation system and an infinitely adjustable, extra-wide headband. The lens, made of polycarbonate, is easily replaceable and is available with the supervision HC-AF (Hard Coated Anti-Fog) coating. This unique technology guarantees a scratch-resistant surface as well as permanent anti-fog properties on the inside of the lens.??Recommendations for use: Grinding work, acid work and galvanization, dusty?environments?Compliant with requirement of DIN EN 166</p>