IMPA: 111205



For IMPA code 111205 with official discription 111205-MARINE TV ANTENNA AC110/220V, WITH ASSEMBLY we supply code our item description which is sold per PCE and weights 6.

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Product specification

<p>Marine TV antenna systems are omnidirectional, receiving signals in a full 360 degree radius, and require no additional adjustment when properly installed. Receiving wideband TV?AM?FM signals (Frequency Range 40__890 MHz), antenna brings in beautiful colour pictures on both VHF and UHF television and provides for FM stereo reception at sea. All internal electronic components are environmentally protected with a corrosion resistant coating. Exterior is made of white ABS plastic, which requires no maintenance. Supplied with a mount for installation. Please specify if you require a straight mount, for parallel mounting on deck or the roof of the wheel house, or a bracket or mast mount, for mounting on a mast or a wall. Also specify how many television units will be used with the antenna so the dealer can determine if a signal amplifier or booster is necessary.</p>