IMPA: 794350



For IMPA code 794350 with official discription 794350-CABLE HALOGEN-FREE ARMOURED, LKSM-HF 0.6/1KV 16MM2X4C 67AMP we supply code our item description which is sold per MTR and weights .

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Product specification

<p>The remarkably improved fire safety and environmental friendly cables for the ship, not emitting toxic burning fumes or thick smoke owing to Halogen-free insulation cover. Halogen-free refers to the absence of Halogens, such as Chlorine and Fluorine, and they doesn?t emit any harmful Hydraulic Chloride gas while existing PVC (Polyvinyl Chlorine) dose. In addition to above attractive features, the Halogen-free covered cable reduces cable weight and size to a minimum and still maintain quality, enabling easy installation. The Halogen-free range of cables are frame-retardant (IEC 60332-3). The following designations are used for insulation materials and sheathing materials, and all materials are halogen-free; Insulation : XLPE stands for Cross-linked Polyethylene compound, and it has excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics. Sheathing: The designation SHF1 stands for Thermoplastic compound, and this material is Halogen-free, highly flame-retardant and has low smoke emission. The listed cables are for fixed installation on all areas and on open deck in ships. However, if the cable is exposed to direct sun light protective covering or cable with black outer sheath is recommended.</p>