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Engine Stores


Engine stores – 81-SERIES

  • Cuper-heat packing
  • PTFE packing
  • Steam packing
  • Semi metallic packing
  • Universal carbonized fiber packing
  • Steam packing
  • High temperature packing
  • Universal asbestos joint sheets
  • Steam asbestos joint sheets
  • Wire interwoven asbestos joint sheets
  • Compressed asbestos fibre jointing
  • Compressed asbestos fibre jointing
  • Oil resuatand joint sheets
  • Asbestos free gasket joint sheets
  • Natural rubber joint sheets
  • Braker lining
  • Teflon cords
  • Teflon rounds
  • Teflon sheets
  • Metal Repair Compounds
  • Rubber strings
  • Air filters
  • Copper wool filters
  • Oil seals
  • Mechanical seals and V-belts.